What's new for May 2022!

02/05/2022 08:30

Andrew Lyle

Hey gang!

We wanted to give you a look what new things we have been working on at Tshirtgang, and what new features you can expect in the future. In this monthly post roundup, we'll cover new features and products that can be found on Tshirtgang.com, as well as your Tshirtgang Commerce store, so let's get started!


New Accent Mugs
Our recent poll said that 48% of you wanted new products on Tshirtgang. Shortly after launching the poll, we began looking at what product categories we can expand on Tshirtgang, while at the same time, review new product categories to explore.
Our most popular accessory product is mugs. With that information in mind, we added accent color mugs to our existing Mug product lineup!
Available in both 11oz and 15oz sizes, we're including 7 brand new colors:
- Black Accent
- Light Blue Accent
- Light Green Accent
- Navy Accent
- Orange Accent
- Pink Accent
- Red Accent
Each new mug will have a white base, with the accent color on both the handle, and lining on the inside of the mug.

New Raglan & New Ringers Colors
Following the addition of new colors, we're expanding two product styles with new colors!
Introducing, Irish Green Ringer, Royal Blue Ringer and Black/White Raglan!
Our two new ringer colors are part of the Classic style group, available in sizes Adult Small to Adult 3XL. Ringers feature a white body with colored accent trim around the end of the sleeves and around the neck.

Our brand new Raglan color, Black/White, features a black body with white 3/4 sleeves. This new color is available in Adult Small to Adult 2XL.

Quick Order Option
One of our objectives on Tshirtgang is to make everything as easy as possible. This is why we have introduced a new quick order button under the Create Order and Edit Order pages. We'll use Create Order as an example.
Located below the Order Entry section of the Create Order page, we'll find our last 25 uploaded products - where we have also updated the search feature to be faster and more accurate.
Located on the right hand side, will be a link titled "Order Now". Clicking this beside any of your products will automatically fill in the Product ID, style and color for you. This quick order button will also detect previously filled in fields and create a new line if necessary.

Support Ticket Image Thumbnails
While working on our responsive design - more details just below - we noticed an important feature on our Support Ticket page needed some improvements.
Now, when submitting images to support, we'll create a little preview attached to your message, making it easier for both our support team, and you, to see what images are being shared.

Mobile Updates - Beta Users
We have been working on making Tshirtgang dashboard mobile responsive, so it looks just as good on mobile as it does the desktop! This is currently a beta feature, and if you wish to enable early features and products, enable Beta Features under your Account Settings page.
We have almost converted every page to be mobile responsive, so if we missed some, let us know!
To highlight some key changes, Shopping Cart and My Products offer bulk editing with checkboxes. Both of these pages also include a view of the product on screen, so you can get a better view of the ordered product.
The Pricing Page has been redone to offer a compact view of all pricing, with the option of expanding to see more detailed pricing.
Create Order and edit order offer a responsive design, organizing all the important bits of information to make ordering easier in the palm of your hand.

Tshirtgang Commerce

New Coupons
We are taking a deep look at Tshirtgang Commerce to make improvements from top to bottom. In this latest release, we have overhauled our coupons section of your Tshirtgang Commerce store to offer some new features.

1) Maximum Spend
- To complement the minimum spending section, we're offering a maximum spending option. Sellers can set a coupon to only be valid under a certain threshold. This could be great if you're offering a t-shirt through a coupon code, but want to prevent providing discounts to more expensive items, like hoodies.

2) Minimum Order Quantity
- Setup a minimum order quantity to activate the coupon when the total items in the cart either match, or exceed this value. Set a minimum of 3 items and offer free shipping or a discount to your buyers!

3) Limiting Product Styles and Colors
- Looking to offer a discount to a certain style and/or color? Now you can! Here is how these options will work;
-> If you want to only offer your coupon on say, Classic shirts, set the "Product Styles" to classic, and the coupon will only work on those styles in your cart.
-> Similar to specific styles, you can also do the same by selecting specific colors of items your coupon will apply to. For example, selecting "Navy", means only Navy shirts will be valid with this coupon.
-> Specifying both a style AND color, means the buyer needs to select both that style and color in their cart for the coupon to apply.
For example, setting the style: "Ladies" and "Navy" for the color, only Ladies Navy shirts will be valid, where a Classic Navy will not work.
NOTE: these two options can only be used when "Each Item" is specified under the "This Coupon Applies to:" field is set.

4) Automatically Apply Coupons
- Rather than giving out coupons to users, or make them fill in a coupon, enable the "Automatically apply when order conditions are met" option and Tshirtgang Commerce will automatically apply the coupon to the Shopping Cart of your customer, without them entering it!
This option can help make providing bulk discounts easier to customers.
NOTE: This option is set to OFF by default when creating a coupon

Happy selling!

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What about getting pigment dyed comfort color tees?
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