Getting Error 240? You may be past your limits

20/07/2012 12:35

Andrew Lyle

If some sellers are continuing to get "Error 240: The item cannot be listed or modified.", from eBay, you may be past your monthly seller limits.

eBay has a more detailed description of this error:

Unfortunately, you won't be able to complete this listing at this time because you've reached the limit for the number of items you can list in this category. You may, however, still be able to list other types of items in other categories. You'll be able to list more items in this specific category in 30 days.

Sellers who are new to a specific category are limited until they establish a good track record with us and their buyers. These seller limits help you meet buyers' expectations.

Your limits may increase after 90 days, when you've established a reputation as a successful seller.

Learn more about limits on eBay sellers and how to increase your limits.

You may also request an increase by confirming your personal information through Global Bank Verification or PayPal Verification.

You can increase your seller limits by verifying your bank details within PayPal or eBay.

There are also a number of other helpful tips throughout our forums and FAQ!

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