Saving Artwork in Illustrator

12/06/2012 23:33

Richard Lopes

Does anyone know the specs for saving artwork in Adobe Illustrator, preferably CS5. Just want be sure I don't miss anything for this set-up. Thanks!
13/06/2012 12:56


Member *
Hi Richard,

If you're designing from scratch in Illustrator CS5 establish your canvas size to 11x15 inches, Raster Effects 200 dpi, Color Mode: RGB

Once you've completed your design, trimmed out the excess canvas space. Then use File>Export>PNG
From there sent your PNG options as followed:
Background: Transparent
Resolution: High 200 dpi

Do not check Anti-aliased.
After that you are set to go to upload with our T shirt wizard.
Let us know if you're having any other questions.

Happy designing!

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