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23/01/2024 19:49

Jim Admin

Dear Tshirtgang Members,

Exciting news - we've just launched on the ChatGPT Store!

Introducing Tshirtgang GPTs - Your AI T-Shirt Idea Generator and Designer

Say goodbye to creative blocks! With Tshirtgang GPTs, not only can you easily design T-shirts, but some GPTs will also provide trending ideas to inspire your next design. Whether you're a design novice or a pro, these AI tools are here to transform your concepts into stunning T-shirt designs.

Discover Our First 10 Tshirtgang Design GPTs:

1. Memorial Tribute To Your Pet T-Shirt Designer
Create heartfelt memorials for pets.
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2. My Dog Waiting T-Shirt Designer
Unique designs celebrating your furry friend.
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3. Direct To Garment T-Shirt Images - Print on Demand
Trending ideas and designs in niche categories.
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4. Trending Sports Ideas & T-Shirt Design
Tap into the latest sports trends for your designs.
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5. My Favourite Sports Player T-Shirt Designer
Personalize tees with your sports idols.
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6. Cartoon Custom Portrait T-Shirt Design
Bring your cartoon ideas to life.
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7. TV Shows Trending T-Shirt Designer
Design with popular TV show characters.
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8. Vintage Car T-Shirt Designer
Classic cars in modern designs.
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9. Cartoon Custom Portrait T-Shirt Design
Fashionable cartoon-inspired tees.
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Design, Download, and Upload

After creating an image you love, download and upload it to your Tshirtgang account.

Spelling Mistakes? No Problem!

If AI makes a spelling error in a design you love, our design team at Tshirtgang will happily make corrections for you.

Your Ideas and Feedback Are Welcome

This is just the start. We're adding more custom T-shirt design GPTs soon. If you have any ideas for custom GPTs or themes, please share them with us.

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24/01/2024 21:10

Ken Bruce

When I click any of those it requests that I join Chat GTP+ which costs $20/month...
28/01/2024 23:52

Jim Admin

Ya I believe you need gpt plus to have access to the gpt store.
Hopefully we can make these custom gpts available to you soon on Tshirtgang

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