Paypal Integration Needs an Update

24/07/2023 15:42

Ken Bruce

Anyone else keep getting the email from Paypal saying the integration needs updating?
Is Tshirtgang going to update this for us?

Here is the text of the email:

Time to update your PayPal integration.

You’re using an older PayPal integration that’s outdated. Update now at no extra cost to add Venmo, Pay in 4,* Pay Monthly,** and debit and credit cards.

Update Now
Two PayPal Checkout mobile screens. One shows the option to purchase a Soup Bowl Set and Tea Cup for $600 using PayPal, Pay Later, Venmo, Debit or Credit Card. The second screen shows the Pay in 4 option selected, which offers 4 interest-free payments of $150 every two weeks.
Options for updating
‌your integration.

Choose your ecommerce platform to get started.

Get coding instructions for yourself or a developer.

Call 866-365-7744 for live support. 9 AM–7 PM EST.
25/07/2023 09:25

Andrew Lyle


Updating our PayPal Pro integration to use the PayPal REST API is on our roadmap, but this only covers the PayPal Pro. I can't tell from your email what service this covers, paypal pro, standard, or express.

I don't have an ETA when we'll have the PayPal Pro REST API updated. We currently use it for Tshirtgang already, it is just a matter of porting over to the stores.


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