$6.95 Personal Order Address Pricing

24/05/2023 20:36

Jim Admin

Dear Gang Members,

We're thrilled to announce our latest feature: Personal Order Address Pricing!

As a Tshirtgang member, you might be ordering shirts not only for yourself but also for family members, friends, or as gifts. Recognizing this, we believe you deserve the best. Hence, we've rolled out Personal Order Address Pricing, a feature that offers you heavily discounted prices on our two most popular t-shirt styles - the Classic and the Premium.

With Personal Order Address Pricing, you can now order our Classic t-shirts for just $6.95 and Premium t-shirts for only $8.95, when shipped to your Personal Order address. Plus, enjoy a flat one-price shipping rate of $5.50!

Here's how to activate your discounted pricing:

In the create order checkout, select the Personal Order Address check box.
This action will save your personal address for future orders, and discounted pricing will automatically be applied to these orders.
Please note that you can change your default address once every three months and to be eligible for this premium pricing, your default shipping address must be within the United States.

Our motto for this new feature is straightforward - if it's for you, we've got you! This feature allows you to enjoy the perks of being a Tshirtgang member, offering you convenience, consistency, and savings on every personal order you ship to your personal address.

So, treat yourself with your awesome designs and enjoy these exclusive savings meant just for you!

Tshirtgang Team

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