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08/06/2012 11:37

Andrew Lyle

Administrator is happy to announce that new users can register with Facebook Connect. Registration can be processed with just a few simple clicks!

This new registration makes it quick and easy for new users to create a new by connecting their Facebook account.

New users will be able to find the Facebook Connect button on the registration window. Once clicked, users will be shown a new Facebook layout registration form to create a new by creating a new password. This password does not need to match your Facebook account and should be completely unique to other websites. This password will help you login back into at any time.

Once registered, users will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Tshirtgang has to offer!

That's not all, our login panel has been outfitted to support logging into Tshirtgang, using your Facebook account that you registered with, with just a simple click!

Facebook Connect users can also login with their username (your full name without any spaces) or by their registration email.

If you're already an existing Tshirtgang and Facebook user, the ability to link your Facebook account to will be available in the future.

Happy Selling!


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08/06/2012 13:47


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This is a great new feature we have been working really hard to getting implemented. In the weeks and months to come we will be adding additional features to Facebook Connect. The goal is to give our members more social exposure to their t-shirt designs, and turn that into more additional sales. If you haven't already created a personal Facebook account or Facebook Page, we encourage you to do so.

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