A New Year!

04/01/2022 11:32

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang!

We want to welcome you to the new year and give a big thank you to all of our members!

As we are returning from the holidays, we take this time to reflect on the last year. As we do every year, we sit down with our entire team to go over our strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas where we should continue with projects or ideas, as well as locate where we need improvement.

We set out in 2021 with a main goal in mind, make selling easier for sellers. This main goal has a subset of projects, ideas and goals to accomplish and aim towards.

One of our major points was to focus on infrastructure to improve our service behind the scenes. While our hard work may not reflect in the form of UI changes, we made performance tweaks and improvements behind the scenes, not just only in our servers, but our production facility and partners.

2022: The Road Ahead
Last year was a great year for us, but we have more work to do. As we look ahead, we will be looking at improving features that you, the members, requested.

Each and every request is recorded and discussed behind the scenes. Each suggestion for improvement is important to us and we take that to heart on how we can implement changes to our platform to make your business grow. Taking the stress out of dealing with fulfilling your orders is an important goal we strive to meet every single day.

You, the seller, know what is important to you. You know what you need the most to make selling simple so you can focus on creating great products! So, we again want to hear from you - either in the form of a reply, or through our Support Ticket. Have an idea? Tell us! Want to see something on our site improved? Let us know! We are here to listen!

While we are reviewing our roadmap for 2022, we just wanted to take a moment to say, thank you! You are what make Tshirtgang great! We hope 2022 is a success for you and your business!

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