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Is there an ABOUT the shirt information we can add to websites?

05/10/2021 16:58


I was looking to copy and paste information about the tshirts onto different websites. Like an introduction about the item they are purchasing so they can get a better idea of how well the tshirt is made etc. Is there something like that we can copy. I don't see it.
26/03/2023 14:59

Tanveer Abbas

Yes, providing "About the Shirt" information on a website can be helpful for customers who are interested in learning more about the product they are considering purchasing. This information can include:

Fabric content: Share the type of fabric used to make the shirt, such as cotton, polyester, or a blend.

Shirt fit: Provide information about the fit of the shirt, including whether it runs true to size or if it fits larger or smaller than expected.

Care instructions: Share any specific care instructions for the shirt, such as whether it can be machine washed and dried or if it needs to be air-dried.

Manufacturing information: Provide information about where the shirt was made and by whom. This can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

Design details: Share any unique design details or features of the shirt, such as a special printing technique or an exclusive graphic.

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