UPC's and Walmart integration

28/09/2021 12:56

Cold Springs Designs

What is TSG doing about a solution for our products listing on Walmart Marketplace with UPC's? TSG has been working on this since the beginning of the year. We're now at Q4 and no progress for us to sell on this giant marketplace. I think we are all missing out on sales opportunities. Has TSG figured out how to add UPC's so we can sell on Walmart Marketplace for the Christmas season? Time is running out.

If we purchase UPC'S separately for our products can TSG use them for our products and list on Walmart?

Do any other TSG sellers have a solution to this obstacle?
28/09/2021 19:26

Andrew Lyle

Hey sorry, I have been put into another project at the moment that has highest priority.

Once we complete the project I will return to work on this.

We do not have an ETA at this time, sorry.

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01/07/2022 12:19

Cold Springs Designs

are we any closer to having a working solution?

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