We are printing 24hrs per day & 7 days a week.

Our production team in now working 7 days a week 24 hrs per day. Please send in your orders as often as possible.
We are also proud to announce that our current processing times for our main products of t shirts is currently 24hrs.

What's new for June 2021

25/05/2021 08:24

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang,

We want to give you an update what we have been working on recently, and what you can expect in coming updates.


Add orders to existing orders
Based on user feedback, you can now add items to existing orders in your Shopping Cart. When editing your existing order in your Shopping Cart, you will see the green "+" button beside the order information. Clicking this button will expand the order row section, allowing you to add items to the existing order, saving you time from typing out the buyers address again. Thanks for the suggestion!

Bulk actions in Cart
We have added bulk actions to the Shopping Cart area, so sellers can quickly select multiple orders and move them to the on-hold section, or bulk delete them from their carts. The bulk menu will be visible when you select any of your orders in your cart.

Tshirtgang Forum Polls!
We've added a new feature to our forums, Polls! Sellers can now create polls when creating new topics on our Community Forums. Selected forum polls will be visible on our dashboard, allowing for greater user participation.
Sellers can vote once per poll and votes will remain anonymous to all members.

Travel Mugs
Travel Mugs are now available to be designed and created on all marketplaces. Available today on the front page, click "Change Product" and select Travel Mug, located under Accessories. Travel Mugs are available in two colors, White and Stainless Steel. Travel Mugs will be available in 14oz sizes and comes with a large handle for easy carrying! Full specs can be found under our Pricing Page

Dark Mode
Based on a user request, we have created dark mode Tshirtgang, which is now available for everyone! Located under Account Settings menu, click "Switch Theme".

Notifications of Store Sync Errors
Another feature added from user feedback, you will now get a notification at the top right of Tshirtgang whenever your store has a sync issue. If your buyer forgot to add their zip code, filled out their address incorrectly, or some other reason, you will get a notification on Tshirtgang.
You can also enable store sync error notifications on your mobile device or desktop computer. Available under Account Settings, look under Device Settings and enable "When a Store Order cannot be created". Notifications must be enabled on your device, using a supported browser.

Upcoming Announcements

Ecwid users will be happy to know we are in the final stages of preparing our latest integration, Ecwid. To take advantage of this when it becomes available, please enable Beta Features under Account Settings. Keep an eye for our latest announcements regarding when Ecwid will be available to everyone!

Happy Selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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