What's new for March 2021

04/03/2021 08:44

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang,

We wanted to cover a couple of new features that we have been working on behind the scenes, and some that you are already experiencing on tshirtgang!


Our Amazon integration now supports more products, in a post we covered here. In put it briefly, we now support the following product styles on Amazon: Mug and Travel Mug, Hat and Trucker hat, Aprons, Dog t-tshirts, Snowflake Ornament, Canvas Throw Pillows, Mousepad, Puzzle, Totebags, and, Posters.
You can create these products on our front page, or post existing items to Amazon from your My Products page!

Support Tickets
We have updated our Support Ticket page to help users choose an appropriate category when submitting ticket requests. This will also help us in the backend find the right person to answer your questions faster.
We have broken the support page into 6 clickable options:
General support - this should be used for any inquiries that won't fit into any other category
Order Support - If you have questions or an issue with your order, please provide us with your Tshirtgang order number, which can be found under the Order History page.
Tshirtgang Commerce Support - a category specific to questions related to your store. Choose from a list of your stores in the dropdown, if applicable. This will help us know which store you are referring to.
Marketplace Support - this category covers Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and more.
Technical Support - if you have a technical issue, related to bugs, error messages, etc.
Support History - view all your previous support inquiries.

Tshirtgang Commerce

We have noticed our Pricing Page has gotten big.. i mean, very big. We started off with just three styles and a two shipping prices. But as we grew and added more products, shipping got more complex and the amount of customizable fields grew with it.
We are introducing a new way to adjust pricing of your Tshirtgang Commerce store, with a slider!
Instead of adjusting multiple fields, just move the slider on the amount of profit* you want to earn off each item, and we'll do all the calculations in the back!

We are still keeping the adjustable fields for users that want complete control over their pricing, that isn't going away.
This slider will be set to default to new users only, but existing users can choose the "Easy Settings" to use the slider.

* Profit is an estimate, does not include service fees from payment processors.

Customizable "All" Category
Our latest software release will include an option on your store admin to rename the "All" parent category. Located under the Categories tab, the top item will now be customizable to change, so be creative!

Happy Selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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