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Tshirtgang, Amazon, and Personal Identifiable Information

13/11/2020 11:50

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang,

Starting today, personal identifiable information (PII) for all Amazon orders will now only be valid for 30 days after the item has shipped. After the 30 days, the buyer name and buyers address1 field will be removed. Buyers name will be replaced with the Amazon order number.
Buyers city, state, zipcode and country will remain unchanged.

What is Personal identifiable Information?
PII for short, is information related to the buyers address that can identify an individual and their purchase history.
Tshirtgang only collects buyers name and shipping addresses for the purpose of shipping items to the end buyer. Tshirtgang also collects what the buyer purchased from you, to create an order on Tshirtgang for fulfillment purposes only.

What happens after 30 days
30 calendar days after the item has shipped out, Tshirtgang will purge the buyers PII from our database and all records. The address1 field will be removed and the buyers name will be replaced with the Amazon order ID (e.g. 104-12345678-222).

What if there is an issue with the order?
If there is any issue with your order within the 30 days, nothing will change. Our customer service will be able to help you regarding any order problems. If you have an issue with any order, please open a Support Ticket.
If there is an issue after the 30 days and your item needs to be reshipped, you will be required to provide the buyers full shipping address again.

This policy takes effect immediately. Orders created on or after November 13, 2020 will have their order PII purged 30 days after the order has shipped out.

Thank you,
Happy selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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