Payment and Ordering on Etsy

24/10/2020 03:41

Juju Bees

Hello. My name is Jessica. I'm new in the T-shirt Gang. Nice to meet you.

I kindly want to ask a question about transaction. Just in case if I'm getting a buyer from marketplace such as e-Bay, Etsy or another, should I pay the order from the customer first or just wait until the related items have been confirmed arrived by the customer and then the T-Shirt Gang cut the amount while I can get the rest of it? Thank you so much. I'm sorry if it's a bit confusing. 🙏
Tags: Etsy
24/10/2020 07:51

Andrew Lyle


You would always receive payment first from marketplaces (ebay, etsy, etc). Your account is used, with your payment information.

The order goes into your tshirtgang account, where you'll then pay tshirtgang to fulfill the order. The remaining amount will be your profit.

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