Squarespace + Tshirtgang

16/09/2020 09:38

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang!

This week we released our updated Squarespace integration. The updated integration now allows for creating products from Tshirtgang to Squarespace with a single click. We have also included an automatic posting option under your Account Settings to list any new product you upload onto Tshirtgang to be directly sent to your store.

Our updated integration comes with a Beta tag - so be worry of hiccups and bugs while we polish our integration.

There are further improvements planned with the authorization process with our Squarespace integration. We will have details at a later date.

Sellers can begin testing product creation onto Squarespace now, via the dropdown menu under "Actions" under My Products.

To get started:
1) Navigate to your Squarespace Settings here
2) Make sure you have setup your API key, instructions can be found on at the top of the page
3) Setup a shop section to list products under, by clicking the "Click here to change Squarespace Shop Section" link.

Happy selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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