Etsy Connectivity Issues

We are aware that Etsy is currently having issues with third-party integrations connecting. This includes our Tshirtgang integration.
Etsy is aware of the issue. We will continue to monitor the issue until it is resolved.
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UPDATE: Users should reauthorize their Etsy account on Tshirtgang.
1) Navigate to your Etsy Settings
2) At the top right of this page, select the account you wish to reauthorize
3) Scroll to the bottom and click "Problems? Need to reauthorize your Etsy account"
4) follow the prompts. Your account should now be able to retrieve your orders and post successfully to Etsy.

Etsy Prices

09/07/2020 13:09

Craig Kerwood

Presently, I am offering free shipping with the cost of shipping included in the price. In order for me to be profitable, I have to offer my shirts at $24.99 (shipping included).
What I've noticed is that the majority of Etsy sellers offer their shirts at $12-$16. How are we suppose to compete with that?
And after two years at this, I am making the best design I ever have since I started. I honestly believe they're as good or even better than a lot of what is out there,, yet my Etsy sales are in the tank. I believe it has to be the price.

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