What's new for May 2020

01/05/2020 14:53

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang,

I wanted to share what we have been working on and what you can expect to see in the coming weeks!

These last few weeks have been very different for all of us. We hope all of you have been safe during these difficult times.
We have been fortunately enough to use a very brave crew at our production facility, working long hours to get your orders out. A big thank you to our staff during this time.


Color Changing Mugs
Available in the next few days, color changing mugs will be available under the Mugs category. These mugs will appear black when no hot liquid is in them, and as the coffee mug begins to heat up, through hot water, coffee, or tea, your image will be revealed, pretty cool!

New Product Gallery
We are all working hard on bringing new products to Tshirtgang, so we have added a product gallery to the front page. Located right above the product style dropdown, you can browse all of our product offerings with large, easy to view images. This gallery includes categories, which will change over the months as our broader vision for Tshirtgang begins to take shape.

Canvas Art, Posters, and more
Our team has been researching exciting new products, including Canvas Art, Posters, Peel and Stick, and a few more items that will be released over the coming weeks and months. You will begin to see new product offerings on Tshirtgang and Tshirtgang Commerce when these become available. Stay tuned to our dashboard for announcements when these become available!

Double Sided Shirts
This much requested feature has been on our minds for years. Thanks to all of your Support Tickets regarding this! You will soon be able to design both front and back of t-shirts and some other products, if applicable. We will release this to beta testers as soon as we can!

Face Masks Covers
This new product category will be exciting! As this pandemic has changed our world, make your face mask look awesome with a face mask cover. Please note that this will not come with a face mask, but be a cover for your mask.

Happy Selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew
24/05/2020 13:40


Some great ideas! Looking forward to the posters! Thanks
27/05/2020 17:09


Great look forward to new items, will we be having new mock ups as well? I love the graphics you all keep adding! Keep them coming!
02/06/2020 07:44


I was about to message to see if you’d considered something mask-related. Awesome! Great news about the front & back t-shirt design option. 😘

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