What's new for March 2020

10/03/2020 07:59

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang!

We are working hard behind the scenes to get new products and marketplaces for you. Let's dive right into what's new!


Customizable Templates
One of the most popular features we have is our customizable template feature on the front page. If you haven't checked it out already, navigate to our homepage and click the blue "Customizable Template" button. We have improved our Favorites feature, making it easier to like and find your favorite templates. Click on any template and to "Like" the design, click the heart icon. You will be able to filter our favorites by choosing "My Favorites" from the category dropdown.
We always add new and exciting templates everyday, so keep checking daily for new products.

We have redesigned our Integration Center page, available here:
We've made it easier to see which marketplaces you have already connected to, which ones are new, and which ones you should try!
You can always compare marketplaces by viewing our Compare Marketplaces page

New Products
We are testing out a few new products that we hope to launch to all sellers in the coming weeks and months. If you have any suggestions about what new styles/color/sizes you would like, please send us your comments to info@tshirtgang.com or open a Support Ticket and let us know.

Save your Credit Card, and Auto-fulfillment
Our checkout now includes Credit Card displayed as the default. This option is available to all sellers when an item is placed in your Shopping Cart. You can also save your credit card for faster processing, with just a single click! All credit card numbers are saved at moneris.com vault, and are not saved on Tshirtgang servers. A token is provided which can only be used to make purchases on Tshirtgang.
Saved cards can be managed under your Account Settings.

This feature has been requested by some sellers and has been undergoing testing for a few months now.
Located under your Account Settings, a new option, "Automatically Pay for Orders with credits / Saved Cards" to have your items automatically processed.
How does this feature work exactly?
- Every hour, on the half hour, we process orders within your Shopping Cart, checking if they are available for fulfillment.
- Any item not available for fulfillment (missing address, product information, etc.) will be sent to your On-Hold cart, waiting for your confirmation to fix any issues.
- Only Tshirtgang accounts with a saved credit card on file, or sufficient credits, and "Automatically Pay for Orders with credits / Saved Cards" enabled will be able to take advantage of our auto-fulfillment feature.

Purchase Credits
Looking to use our auto-fulfillment feature, or save time checking out every time you get an order, or want to save a little bit of money? Tshirtgang is now offering users a way to purchase credits, through our Tshirtgang Services page:
Purchase credits, at a discounted price, and save. Purchasing credits is currently only available through the Credit Card checkout.

We are in the process of getting our Wix integration completed. We will begin testing in the coming weeks. If you would like to be part of the beta test, please enable Beta Features under your Account Settings. Stay tuned for updates on our Wix beta program!

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