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Our production team in now working 7 days a week 24 hrs per day. Please send in your orders as often as possible.
We are also proud to announce that our current processing times for our main products of t shirts is currently 24hrs.

What's new for December 2019!

02/12/2019 10:46

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang!

As we are now in the holiday season, our busiest time of the year, we wanted to give you a look at what is available for the holiday shopping season.


We announced last month that we now support WooCommerce v3 API, which requires running WordPress 4.4 or higher and WooCommerce 3.5x or higher. This part of the integration only worked with stores supporting HTTPS connections. We now fully support HTTP WooCommerce stores. It is still highly recommended that you install an SSL certificate on your store (e.g. LetsEncrypt plugin)

Automatically List on Marketplaces
Located under your Account Settings, we have added options to automatically list on marketplaces when you upload a new item. Only marketplaces with free listings are currently supported, including: Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Tshirtgang Commerce is still supported as an option to list on automatically.

Marketplaces Orders
Sellers using marketplaces may now notice that your orders are retrieved automatically in your Shopping Cart much sooner. The timing has been increased from every 6 hours to every 1 hour. To enable automatic retrieval of marketplace orders, navigate to Integrations > select the marketplace you use, then set "Automatically Grab Orders Periodically" to enabled.

Tshirtgang Commerce
PayPal & Stripe Updates
Some behind the scenes work on PayPal and Stripe API, using the latest versions. Sellers and customers may not notice a difference while using the checkout. We have added an option under PayPal Pro Payments to revert back to the old API version if any issues arise with certain accounts. However, this feature will be phased out in the new year.

We are always adding new features and fixing issues, please see our release notes on your store dashboard for recent changes.

Happy selling!

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