What's new for November 2019!

31/10/2019 10:53

Andrew Lyle

Hi Gang!

We want to give everyone an update of new features we've launched over the past few weeks and what is upcoming. With the busiest season just ahead, we wanted to help give you tools to improve your selling and increase stability throughout our platform.

If you haven't noticed gang has included emojis! To help get your to the to your so you can earn more !
On a more serious note, you can now express your emotions with emojis in Support Tickets, the forum and in direct messages.
Click on the emoji you want directly under any quick reply field to include them in your messages.

We have upgraded our WooCommerce integrations from v1 -> v3. There may not be any noticeable changes to you or the end user, but this latest update will help increase stability and compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress. This will launch on November 4, 2019

You don't need to take any action to use this latest version, this is an under the hood improvement on Tshirtgang.

Our existing integration has been improved to now support sellers with GTIN exemptions. Our flow now only requires sellers to input the developer ID to link their existing Amazon.com account, without the need to register for developer keys. This process will help speed up getting up and running with Amazon.

We have almost completed installing LetsEncrypt certificates on all Tshirtgang Commerce stores and plan to cover 100% stores in the next week.

Tshirtgang Commerce
New Icon Option!
Located under your Display Settings, you can now choose to display White or Black icons for the style selector under "Buypage Icon Color".

Google Merchant Conversion Tracker
If you are using Google Merchant to help promote your products, setup your conversion tracking by entering your script tag into the provided field under your Google Merchant plugin. Get better analytics on converting sales from your store. Instructions how to set up conversion tracking can be found under the plugin.

Please keep sending in your suggestions via Support Ticket, your feedback helps improve our platform for you!

Happy selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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