New here. How long does it normally take.

08/08/2019 12:23

Got my first order on ebay. Also the order is from Switzerland. The status still says "paid" and it's been 24 hours. Does this suggest there is an issue with the order? Another order just came in today and it says "processing". Leads me to believe its moving along faster.

Again new so just want to make sure this is normal.

08/08/2019 12:52

Andrew Lyle


This could be normal depending on the process we use. For European orders, we have another facility that is in czech republic, who are 6 hours ahead of us. The status of an will change from paid to processing when no further changes can be made to the order. This order has been picked up and preparing for production.

Standard orders are fulfilled within 2 business days
fast-track will be same day or 1 business day, depending on when it was submitted.

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08/08/2019 13:03

Awesome thanks.

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