Deleted Product Inventory

11/07/2019 10:45

It's All Shirts & Giggles

Hey Gang,

Today I was doing some maintenance on my TShirt Gang Products. As I was doing it I found a design that I had forgotten about creating.

I went through the editor and deleted it.

Well when the message came up for variations, or I thought it was for variations. It asked if I was sure I wanted to delete 21.
Well I did it.

How can I get that back. Or, more importantly, how can I align my shopify site again? Or do I have to start from scratch?

Please help.


15/07/2019 07:53

Andrew Lyle

There was an "undo" option after deleting items, however, this option is only valid for a few minutes after deleting an item.

If you deleted items off your shopify site, you will need to repost them, or contact shopify how to recover items.

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