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Tshirtgang website not working

05/01/2019 05:03


Hi All, I am unable to to enter into my site admin as the redirect keeps failing. I am also unable to create a new product as I cannot enter the form fields on the left side of the screen. I tried to contact you guys but was unable to enter the form fields on your contact page. Anyone else with this issue? Please help.
07/10/2021 10:47

Gregory Irby

I am really confused here I was told first that there was two separate email addresses and one of those email addresses was not matched up with the site to view My Products that I have created and after that I'm hearing about two double gmail addresses that is one of them doesn't belong with the current account. How can I delete the one account that may be not associated with my website? Everytime I go to view my new products that I successfully set up I can not view them, because they are not present for viewing to place orders on the website.

Gregory Irby
07/10/2021 10:51

Andrew Lyle

I have a mixed up with two accounts the other is not associated with my domain name the other is messed up my domain and I cannot look at the new products on my site on site called Gregartstudiogang.com. How can I correct the situation to put my current email with my website: gregsartstudiogang.com? I need help!!!!

Please use the Support Ticket feature for assistance with this.

Developer / Project Manager
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