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28/05/2012 16:36

Andrew Lyle

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend (and in the United States, a long weekend).

Today Tshirtgang.com is happy to announce that you can now login with your email address!

We've noticed, and heard, from many users that they wish to be able to login with their email address associated with their account, so we've now enabled the options for all accounts!

Please make sure you use the email address listed under your Account Settings and that your accounts settings are up to date.

So who is eligible to use their email address to login to Tshirtgang.com?
Well, everyone is! However, due to security reasons we only allow each account to have a unique email address during registrations. This means that if you currently have two or more accounts with the same email address, you won't be able to login using your email address, but you can still continue to login with your username and password.

If you encounter issues with your email address at login, please contact us directly and we'll help guide you.

You can still change your email address at any time, but make sure it's valid and that it's unique to continue to login via email.

Thanks for your continued support,


Developer / Project Manager
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Twitter: @phpandrew

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