What's new for April!

01/05/2018 09:00

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang!

While there is always so much going on at Tshirtgang, it might be hard to find out what is new. In our monthly updates, we wanted to provide you, the seller, new tools that might help you increase your sales and improve your experience at Tshirtgang.
We are always open to hearing from you about improvements you want to see and how we can make your life easier.
While there are many changes under the hood, here is a glimpse at improved and new features you can take advantage of.

Starting with the Tshirtgang homepage, we have included a brand new style for Classic and Premium, we have dubbed 'Real'. Located under the "Model" menu, this new tshirt model will give your products a more real appearance when showcasing your items. This feature is available now on the front page and is available in all colors.

Adding text to an image is easy with our Text Editor on the front page. We have updated this field to allow multiple lines without the use of 'Wrap text' option enabled. The Wrap Text option has been disabled by default, so you can now use the Enter key to jump to the next line. Wrap text is still available to use if you enter text on a single line.

Sellers using Tshirtgang Commerce may have noticed some tweaks we have made to your stores, including adjusting the hoverover appearance of the product, giving your seller a bigger view of the image they are about to purchase. Sellers may also noticed an increase in speed when switching styles and colors of your products.

We've also updated the mobile appearance of your store with some minor tweaks to the layout, more specifically the sizing page, and admin pages with tables. This improvement means your websites are fully mobile responsive and don't break the layout when visitors view the sizing chart.

In our latest store update we have included advanced filters under the Admin page to help filter out older products that haven't sold in a while. This will make viewing products that aren't selling easy to identify.

Happy Selling!

Developer / Project Manager
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12/06/2018 08:37

Rachel Herron

Thank you - for the updates and improvements!

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