can not import to shopify

06/04/2018 23:33

hello, i spent the last day importing my designs on your mockups, was satisfied with what i saw. I decided to delete the 34 designs i had upload to get rid of the "arms" display and just do it flat. Well now, i have changed nothing and now it will not upload to my shopify account. Any idea why?
I have deleted my browser history thinking that might be it, but i can not even see it on my mobile. Also my shopify account shows no items even though I have linked them in your app many times.
Any ideas?
09/04/2018 08:18

Andrew Lyle

It looks like you were able to successfully post on Shopify now.
Would you mind sharing what you changed in order to post, so others who find this post may find a solution?

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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