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12/12/2017 14:54

Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of help. I previously asked a question and got the answers I needed in order to come up with this breakdown of prices. I live in Canada and will only be selling to Canadian customers. Please keep in mind I'm using shopify integrated with my tshirtgang store)
Does this break down of prices look correct:

price for classic black/coloured tshirt $12 american pricing and when converted to canadian $15.46
shipping $6.95 american pricing and when converted to canadian $8.95
add $5.00 profit automatically canadian total price so far in canadian would be $29.41
taxes using ontario gst sales tax, the total for above mentioned would be $33.81
2.9% + 30cent american pricing for shopify payment converts to canadian 1.26 + 0.39
2.9% + 0.98cents and 30 cents
= customers will pay $36.74
(Am I doing this correctly or mixing it up somewhere, my prices seem a tad high compared to other Canadian t-shirt companies)
16/10/2018 23:58

James Chambliss

you appear to be spot on. The price problem is in shipping cost. Multi sales from same buyer, same address can off set this some.

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