2012 Spring Release - Important Announcement

08/04/2012 20:27

Andrew Lyle

Hi Tshirtgang members,

We have some pretty exciting new changes coming up and we’d like to tell you about them!

As our member base grows, so do our needs for new features. To help incorporate all these new exciting features, we’ve determined that our site needs a massive overhaul, and we’ve done just that!

Starting on April 13, 2012 at 5:00 PM EST, we’ll be starting the process of upgrading our website to the brand new version of Tshirtgang, in that time the site will be inaccessible for a few hours.

Once we have finished our upgrade process you’ll be able to view and enjoy all the new features that Tshirtgang has to offer, so let me share some of the new exciting features we’ll be offering starting next Friday!

Your Gang
You’ll soon be able to invite your friends and family to Tshirtgang and earn a lifetime commission fee of 5% of Your Gangs purchase price. You’ll be able to use this credit towards your Tshirtgang purchase!

Updated eBay Features
Starting next week, you’ll be able to manage multiple eBay accounts, relist your products, retrieve Shopping Carts, an Ebay Settings recommendation, and even list without any variations.

Sellers will be able to authorize, manage and post from multiple eBay accounts right from Tshirtgang. With just a few clicks, sellers can relist multiple items onto different eBay accounts and even list without any variations, so you’ll be able to submit more products to eBay to help you sell!

Tshirtgang will also include a brand new eBay Shopping Cart retrieve feature, which will be able to grab your orders from all your authorized eBay accounts and put them directly into your Shopping Cart. All it takes is a single click to retrieve your eBay Shopping Cart! Sellers will even have the option to automate their feedback and shipping on eBay through Tshirtgang.

Excited? I know we are. And we’re not even done yet.

Tracking for All USA orders
Tshirtgang is happy to announce we’ll be providing tracking numbers for all of our US orders. Our new tracking system will help you provide your customers with accurate delivery dates. Our tracking service will also work in conjunction with our automated eBay feedback system so you’ll be able to automatically sync your tracking information up with eBay.

Community Forums
Tshirtgang members will be able to interact and ask questions to the Tshirtgang community. Members will be able to stay up to date with the latest changes and hang out with other members in the community. Our forums are opened to all members.

Brand New Uploader
We’ve made some major improvements to our t-shirt generator. Our very easy to use generator will help you visualize what your t-shirt will look like when it’s printed.

Submit an Idea
Not a designer but have a good idea? We’ll Tshirtgang can help you! We’re happy to announce that starting next week, sellers will be able to submit their t-shirt ideas and have them turned into a shirt! Our on-hand team of creative designers will help turn your ideas into marketable items!

My Website
Do you have a lot of products, but don’t know how to promote them? Next week sellers will be able to open their own Tshirtgang website that features all your own products. Each sale will placed into your Tshirtgang Shopping Cart, ready for processing!

You’ll be in control of your own store, using our e-commerce website software. All you’ll need is a domain name!

We’re all very excited at Tshirtgang for this new release and look forward to hearing your feedback about our new website!

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25/04/2012 23:34

Shirts Is My Life

Love the submit an idea feature.
What is the cost to get a t shirt designed by tshirtgang?

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