Graphics Color Variations on Etsy

25/02/2017 18:39

Pigh Designs

Some of my designs only have 1 color in the graphic. For these items can I list my color variations like this: black on white, white on black, red on black, etc.? The first color being the color of the graphic and the second being the color of the shirt?
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25/02/2017 22:05

Pigh Designs

Ok, now that I have some sales I see that I still have to place the orders anyway. I just learned about the auto-retrieve function in the Shopping Cart and that it just pulls the order over, doesn't fulfill it. Once I have another sale to see what fields populate in that function I'm sure I will be able to tell if this will work...
27/02/2017 11:18

Andrew Lyle


We currently only support listing in the style and color the item was created in, with a list of size variations. We hope to expand style and color options in the future.

Since we don't support style and color, any modifications to your listing - which is okay to do - won't be detected when pulled in.

If you do have a listing that have custom style and/or color, when you make a sale, open a Support Ticket with the order # and we can investigate supporting alternative styles or colors.

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27/02/2017 11:26

Pigh Designs

Ok, I may run an experiment soon to create these conditions for investigation. Thanks!

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