Etsy Auto-Retrieve

25/02/2017 12:40

Pigh Designs

When my account is setup to auto-retrieve Etsy orders...if the customer checks the 'optional note to seller' box, will that be seen by TshirtGang? What if in that box they request something TshirtGang can't do (like print on both sides), will TshirtGang reach out to me or them?

Auto-retrieve sounds like a fantastic feature, I just want to make sure nothing would slip through the cracks customer-service-wise.

25/02/2017 22:00

Pigh Designs

Oh, now that I've had sales I get that I still have to complete the orders myself, it doesn't auto-charge my PayPal and fulfill itself. (Maybe in the future?). Sorry, newbie here. : )
26/02/2017 09:59

Andrew Lyle


The note to seller will appear to you when the order is retrieved. You'll see a comment bubble beside the order when you retrieve.

Order fulfillment is still a manual process but will hopefully have automatic order purchasing in the future.

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26/02/2017 11:30

Pigh Designs

Great, thanks! : )

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