I made a sale! What do I need to do next?

23/01/2017 13:41

Andrew Lyle

We want to show how easy it is to retrieve all your marketplace orders, listing on Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and even Amazon.com!

First off, congratulations on making a sale! If you made a sale on a marketplace, you likely already have your Marketplace Settings already configured and your account linked to Tshirtgang.

Let's retrieve your marketplace orders from your Shopping Cart, so navigate Here to your Shopping Cart

Click on the 'down arrow' under Retrieve Marketplace Orders and select the marketplace you made a sale on

You can also click All Markets

Success! We found your order!

Your orders will now be retrieved and placed in your Shopping Cart ready for checkout!

You can also enable 'Automatically Grab Orders Periodically' under your Marketplace settings (located in the Integrations dropdown) and Tshirtgang will retrieve your orders for you throughout the day.

Happy Selling!

Developer / Project Manager
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Twitter: @phpandrew

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