New Feature: Smart Shirt Selection

24/12/2016 09:40

Andrew Lyle

Hi everyone!

Today we are rolling out a special holiday update for stores, many of which have already received it. This we feature, dubbed 'Smart Shirt Selection', will help make your customers make better shirt choices on your stores.

The Smart Shirt Selection will be able to scan your product images on your store, match them closely with our shirt colors, removing that selection from sale. Let's do an example:

These are the standard color options your customer will be greeted with. Since our design contains Yellow, Red, Green, White, and Purple colors, some of these shirt options may not be the best choice for printing.


You could disable specific colors per design, which could take forever if you have lots of designs. Now let's enable our Smart Shirt Selection:


We have now removed shirt colors that may not work well with our design! This will lead to better shirt selection choices, with less editing on your end!

This feature is available today, make sure to update your store to the latest version, and enable this setting under Settings > Only show shirt colors that work with the design. This feature is disabled by default.

With your help and feedback, we hope to improve this feature that works for all designs and all sellers.

Happy holidays!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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