New Feature: eBay select-a-size!

10/05/2012 16:02

Andrew Lyle

As part of our initative to continually improve our service to our members, we've listed to your feedback about size limitations on eBay and came up with a great solution that we believe you will all be excited about.

Before today, sellers were only able to list shirts with either all of our variations available or just one. As this is helpful to new and experienced users, we've now refined the middle-ground for this to make posting to eBay easier.

Available today, sellers wishing to restrict the sizes available on eBay can do so under their Ebay Settings. To remove a variation size from your listing set the price as "NA".

For example, if I wanted to only list Large, XLarge, 2XLarge and 3XLarge, I would set a starting price for these four variations and mark all my other prices as "NA".

Another example is if you didn't want to list Youth sizes, simply mark the XSmall, Small and Medium youth sizes as "NA" and they won't list on eBay.

Hope you enjoy this new feature! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Selling!

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10/05/2012 16:27

Chris Friday

Very helpful feature for all new members! Great news!
10/05/2012 22:49

Jim Admin

This is a great feature for those eBay sellers who have listing restrictions.
Example if you have a listing restriction of 100 listings and you still want to list with size variations then I would only offer sizes Small to XL with quantiy of 1 for each size and mark all other sizes as NA.

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