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20/07/2015 07:28

Ava Boyd

Do any of you sell your tshirts on Etsy. I have ran into some complications and I need to know if this is something all of you have encountered and what to do about it.

I am losing sales (and so is TSG) because of the drab pictures. All my visitors want to see the shirt on an actual model. I have looked into tshirt models to do mock ups, but now I am told that is against Etsy rules (guidelines - no mock ups)) and My Store can get closed down if I do that. Even though the pictures from TSG are actually mock ups, I can get away with it (so far) because they actually come from the fulfillment comapny. Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do about it?

Also, is the 13% HST Canadian tax already set up with the Etsy app? Or, do I pay that on my end with an order from Canada?
26/11/2015 13:08

Sonshine Studios

Good Luck, I opened a Store added just 3 shirts last night then today got this email, Not sure why they closed it, they don't seem to want to tell me either. 'Oh well


This is Nicole from Etsy's Marketplace Integrity team. Thank you for your interest in selling on Etsy.

Based on a close review of your account information, we have determined your business does not meet Etsy's Seller Policies. As a result, your account has been closed.

To protect the marketplace, we are unable to disclose our internal review criteria. However, due to inconsistencies in your account, we have reason to believe that either your items or business are not in compliance with our Seller Policies or that your account will continue to accrue policy violations.

We ask that you please do not open any additional Etsy accounts; they will be closed immediately and without notice.

We're sorry that we cannot continue our business relationship and wish you the best in finding the appropriate venue for your items.

Etsy Marketplace Integrity
23/12/2015 16:00


I sell shirts on Etsy with 3 different stores. All my art sells. Some of my art is just on standard
Tgang mocks and some is on models. Of course the model art sells better but we get more complaints
that the shirt done look like the model
Trust me Tgang knows what they are doing.
If you dont have sales on Etsy than you dont know what your doing.
24/12/2015 07:01

Ava Boyd

Thanks for the encouragement.
27/12/2015 09:27

Ava Boyd

I would love to see your stores. How can I find them on Etsy?

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