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04/05/2012 18:52

Alan Darling

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I have noticed that in your presets for uploading our shirts to eBay that you list sizes XSmall (youth) to 5XL.
For Black and White shirts the size goes to 6XL and I have had comments from customers about being happy to find these + sizes.
Is 6XL going to be added in the next upgrade?

Perfect Fit T Shirts
07/05/2012 11:29

Andrew Lyle

Hi Alan,

Right now we only carry White and Black in 6XL and is offered via Sellinsta and through "My Website".

There was a reason for removing 6XL from the Ebay Settings, but i'll have to look into why and if it's possible again. You can always offer this in your description.

Thanks for the feedback.


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