Color Selection Bug

27/01/2015 23:26

Sonshine Studios

I encountered a bug on "My Website" when using the Admin panel, I hope can get fixed.

If I elect to use the "Customized" feature on the Available Color Selections , example remove Black for a black design.
When enabled I go to the product page and see all newly available colors, if I choose any color Or if I simply change product type, lets say from standard to Ladies (or any other variety) , the color swatches disappear from the page, and will not return even the original shirt type is re-selected.

This means the user (customer) can no longer preview Or select any other color choices, unless of course they return to the site main page and select the item again.
This issue is only present when using the Customized color selection in the admin panel, it does not occur when using "dark or light colors only, or if using all available colors.

I hope this can get fixed because there are many instances where I would like to remove Black or White color tees only and still be able to show other colors that are not available if I were to used the show dark or show light colors only selection.

Any word on if this will be fixed and when is much appreciated!
29/01/2015 18:16

Andrew Lyle

As this was also a Support Ticket, I'll reply here as well:

This issue has been resolved and will be in the next store release.

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew
29/01/2015 23:10

Sonshine Studios

excellent! Thanks!

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