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03/05/2012 17:48

Alan Darling

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I have noticed the last few days that when I design a shirt on the web site in the design phase the image is large on the shirt. Then after I complete the design when I save the image to my computer the size of the image on the shirt is much smaller then it was when I designed it.

Truthfully the image size on the finished product when listed on eBay looks rather small and customers may not buy that shirt because of the small image size.

Is this something new as it was not doing this last week?

Perfect Fit T Shirts
03/05/2012 17:57

Andrew Lyle

Hi Alan,

The image design has been slightly 'tweaked' to represent the actual shirt a little better. While some want larger images (full shirt designs), potential buyers might be upset when they realize the image isn't what the actual item looks like.

It's a toss up on what to show, as you can't please everyone here, but looking from the stand-point of the buyer, if they see a full-size image across the entire shirt and they order a larger shirt that we can't cover completely, they may be disappointed.

So to answer your question, yes, we have reduced the shirt-image size (after it has been submitted) to accurately reflect what the image looks like when you're looking at the scaled image on the front page.


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03/05/2012 18:45

Alan Darling

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Ok thanks.
Are you able to make an image larger on a shirt if requested?
What size is the actual print on the shirt?

Perfect Fit T Shirts
23/07/2012 11:08

Sonshine Studios

I too would like to know the actual max print size on the shirt.
One guide on the site says image should not be larger than 11"X15" , but in a thread I saw a template recommendation of 13"X16" ... just measured a few shirts I own...no prints were less than 12.5"W
25/07/2012 21:20


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Hi there,

The max size we recommend is 12" inches width x 15" inches height at 200 dpi. If you're design doesn't take up all the space, then trim off the excess canvas space when saving your file in Photoshop.

Thank you.

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