Etsy Connectivity Issues

We are aware that Etsy is currently having issues with third-party integrations connecting. This includes our Tshirtgang integration.
Etsy is aware of the issue. We will continue to monitor the issue until it is resolved.
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UPDATE: Users should reauthorize their Etsy account on Tshirtgang.
1) Navigate to your Etsy Settings
2) At the top right of this page, select the account you wish to reauthorize
3) Scroll to the bottom and click "Problems? Need to reauthorize your Etsy account"
4) follow the prompts. Your account should now be able to retrieve your orders and post successfully to Etsy.

ETSY API Questions

09/11/2014 21:38


Hi Guys, setting up Tgang Api with Etsy and have some questions.

1) I'm setting up canadian store and I must ship from canada. I noticed in another
thread it mentioned some shirts coming out of buffalo?

2) What type edits on Etsy can we do and not break the api link?
One of the reasons I ask is my other API supplier said "none" and
I tested it doing some edits on Etsy and it ended up i could change all
of them as I was trying to break the API for that particular shirt. I
didn't want to sell it thru them anymore, ended up i had to remove
the entire API and start over.
I say all that as I think only your API developer will have the answers.

a) Tgang api created another section on Etsy and i don't like a section called
"tshirts". Can I move the listing to another section or edit the Section title on Etsy?

b) When uploading to tgang i have to pick style and color. Can i edit
that on etsy ie add colors? If i edit colors can I change pricing for colors
ie white is $17.99 and colored $19.99?

c) It grabs tags from the title so I'm assuming I can edit my tags on etsy.

d) Mockup from tgang, I assume I can change/add any pics I like

e) Checking the edits on etsy your api puts "a supply or tool" under
about this item/what is it, that should be "a finished product"

f) When a shirt sells on Etsy, what exactly happens ie email notifications,
autopay from my paypal, etc. I think I read somewhere you don't do autopay
from my paypal i just have to go in and manually pay which is fine.
If that being the case can i edit the order on tgang ie shirt style and colors?

Sorry for all the questions but really need to know what i can/can't do
before i start loading up My Store which will be mainly Canadian starting

Thanks for all you do,
11/11/2014 09:31

Andrew Lyle


1) We ship Canadian orders from Toronto, Canada and international and United States orders from Buffalo.

2) Not sure what you mean by edits. Once the item is on Etsy, you can customize everything you want. Some may not be compatible with our system, but make sure you keep the same Etsy Listing ID number linked with tshirtgang.

3) You can rename the shirt section, but do not delete it. We require that section ID number to list properly on Etsy.

4, 5) You can edit anything on Etsy once it is posted.

6) I'll have to look into this, but none of that text appears in our code and may be set by Etsy.

7) Emails and notifications are handled by Etsy. We do not control or want to control this section.

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew
11/11/2014 09:44


Thanks Andrew, great stuff. Got all the answers I needed and ready to get setup.
Thanks for all you do,
18/02/2015 21:59


Just a heads up. My partners Etsy account got update on Etsy listing manager. There is a bug in it on Etsy side which they are figuring out but this new update to listings may effect your api.
Not sure but just a heads up.
19/02/2015 09:41

Andrew Lyle

Looks like it may be an Etsy problem (if this is what you're referring to)

Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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