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eBay Description and Product Details

12/10/2014 14:09

Anthony F

I'm looking for all the t-shirt details so that I can write an accurate product listing description in eBay. I can't find anything on this website that gives the t-shirt specifics... Brand, size chart, material info etc.

Can you please point me in the right direction so I can write an accurate eBay description?

12/10/2014 16:29

Sonshine Studios

All your answers are in the F.A.Q. page:

19/06/2015 22:21


sonshine studios how do i find out what the t-shirts made of i have a customer asking what the t-shirts are made of but when i look i can't find it all it says on your F.A.Q is that they are made from xxx company or xxx company but does not tell us what t-shirts our custormers are getting can you be a little more clear thanks

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