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17/06/2014 21:03

Alex Nk

Ok so, basically, I got charged 12 dlls (Total: $23.00) to make a shipment to germany, but ebay only charged my buyer 8.50 for the shipment (Total: 28.49), I already made the order because I prefer to do my service asap, but if you subtract ebay charges I made an unusually small amount of profit, is there any way to avoid this in the future?

thanks for your help

19/06/2014 12:49

Andrew Lyle


eBay is setup a little bit differently than our pricing structure. You can see our Pricing Page here:

All of our shirts, regardless of size, are a static price. Where our shipping prices differ depending on the size of shirt being shipped.

As for the Ebay Settings pricing, it's structured slightly different as well, because eBay requires the shirt price and shipping prices be sent to them. Our pricing structures can not match exactly with eBays.

eBay requires these pieces of information:
- Shirt price for the size selected
(you can set a Small shirt to $10.00, while a Medium is $10.50, and a large be $11).
- Flat rate shipping price for domestic countries (e.g. United States = $5.00)
- Flat rate shipping price for international countries (e.g. worldwide = $10.00)

Depending on the buyer, these two prices will be matched up (destination country + shirt cost).

I would recommend breaking down each size variation (youth sizes - Adult XL, 2XL, 3XL-6XL) on a spread sheet and figure out the total cost of each shirt, both domestic and international and attempt to find the common ground between the prices.

You can adjust your ebay pricing at any time:

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