Unverified PayPal payments August 20 5:00pm - 11:pm EDT - Website owners read this!

21/08/2013 09:51

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang and website owners,

On August 20th between 5:00pm EDT - August 20th 11:00 EDT PayPal was incorrectly sending payment verifications through their IPN service (Instant Payment Notification).

Between these hours, payments may have been received and no order was placed in your Shopping Cart. A fix was put in place before 11:00pm EDT on August 20th in order to continue receiving 'unverified' payments. This PayPal issue has since been fixed and the temporary fix has been removed from your stores.

If you received a payment between the above hours mentioned and are unsure if an order was created, follow these steps below:


Resending a PayPal IPN will not affecting sales (no duplicate sales will be created). Sending any IPN's between the above hours will complete the payment process for uncomplete orders only. If you are unsure if the order was created, resend the IPN's!

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep an eye on PayPal's service status and keep everyone updated if anything changes.


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