CreateMultipleOrder + General questions

23/05/2013 16:27

Mark Matthews

I am a .Net developer utilizing DotNetNuke CMS... and I will be using the NB-Store opensource module for my Shopping Cart.

I am considering writing an order submitter from NB-Store to your API.

1) I assume the APIs are simple to get the orders into your system eliminating manual entry, and the payment of the orders still needs to be done manually by logging in?
1b) Can I (tshirtgang customer) pay for multiple orders with one paypal transaction, or do I need to process each order separately?

2) This may be related to #1. I dont fully understand the value of CreateMultipleOrder when each shirt is individually processed with shipping/handling applied to each shirt.

I mean.. 3 shirts processed separately for one address, or 3 shirts on one order.. are still going to get the 4.50 for each shirt?

The only possible advantage is if I, as the acct owner, have to apply payment to each order separately, and if that is the case it would save a little time on the web?

24/05/2013 09:42

Andrew Lyle

Hi Mark,

to answer your questions (note i'm not a .NET developer):
1) Yes, the order creation aspect can all be done by API, which will go into your Shopping Cart. These items will remain there until you have paid for them manually through Tshirtgang.

1b) YES! We get this question alot, even people asking if they need to change their paypal information for each order.
To clear everything up, you do not need to change your paypal address (we do not collect / use your PayPal address), and you can pay for 1, 2, 10, 50 or even 1000 orders if you want in your Shopping Cart through a single transaction. This will create a "Shiplist", which will contain all of your orders paid for at this time. It's a great way to track if you process orders once a day.

2) CreateMultipleOrder is simply the best API to use, if you're using a Shopping Cart system on your website. You can send a batch of items together and they will be printed and shipped as a group. Where as CreateOrder is great for one-page shopping websites (no Shopping Carts).

Bulk pricing is something we're still looking into. If you have quantities of 10 or greater, you can submit a Support Ticket and Jim will be able to help you out with pricing.

If we do ever automate the bulk pricing, it will be integrated into the API's as well.


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24/05/2013 12:25

Mark Matthews

Having to log in, but pay for many orders is a good balance towards my "4 hr work week" goal. If I have to log in once a day to pay with paypal, I can do that from the beach or ski lodge very quickly. :-)

I will be using a cart so yeah I understand its makes sense to go with Multiple order

Looks like a rainy memorial weekend for me so I should have some time to try coding to your Api.

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