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21/04/2012 13:00

Alan Darling

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I have noticed then when I download the picture of the design I make on tshirtgang web site and put it on my computer to list on ebay it looks very good on my computer. But in the auction black and colored shirts have this weird black or colored background etc.

Here is a link to my auctions that shows this issue.

Black Shirt

Orange Shirt

White shirts look just fine.

Do any of you know why this is happening and how to fix it? I use Blackthorne basic to submit me auctions. I'm using ebay picture services.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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21/04/2012 20:43

Andrew Lyle

Hi Alan,

I haven't used blackthorn in about a year since we begun testing our eBay service out, have you tried using our post to eBay feature?

If you still wish to use blackthorn I can tell you a quick workaround and the reason why.

This issues happens when some services try to read layered images incorrectly and cause all sorts of display issues, always seems to be around the bottom of the sleeves on our images. I spent months trying to figure out why and a solution. It isn't because of the images we use, it's how other services render them. The images we create are layered and not flattened, just to save the transparency. This will make sure our service is future proof.

To get around the issue, open the image up in any image editor and save it as a .JPG.

This will flatten the image but give it a white background.


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22/04/2012 17:22

Alan Darling

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Hi Andrew,

I changed it like you said and they look right now.

Thank you for your help, you are the best.


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