Store software update! 2.50.00!

17/05/2013 16:29

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang!

Today we're launching our latest update for our store software, version 2.50.00. This update includes a color swatch option for your customers, allowing them to select any color of shirt they want!

This feature will definitely help you boost your sales over the summer! This option is completely optional, you can disable it through your admin panel under Settings. If your design doesn't work on particular colors, we've added an option to display only light or dark color shirts.

We've also revamped and reworked our price table, now it's easier to adjust your prices. Our simplified price table uses Tshirtgang's pricing structure and allows you to control how you manage your store prices. Our new structure makes it easier to update your entire store prices with just a single field! We have pre-configured each store so that each sale will land you $5 profit on each sale, but you're free to adjust your prices how you want!

Our price increment system lets you charge $1, $2, or how ever much you want for larger sizes of shirts, and you can even use the shipping increment to adjust shipping prices for larger styles too.

We're also included a gallery option, for those who want to add multiple views or images to their store. Just edit your item through the Admin panel, and you'll be able to pick and choose what images you want to display in addition to your previewed item.

There's a full changelog under you admin panel. Expect this update in the coming days.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Developer / Project Manager
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Twitter: @phpandrew
19/05/2013 22:48

Adi Purwanto

Thanks for the update and i hope in the future update you can add for RSS Feed and also slider at the homepage.
30/09/2014 11:09

Phil Melbourne

I don't see where I can go back and edit a product to change these incremental shirt costs.

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