eBay Error 240 : The Item Cannot Be Listed Or Modified

18/04/2012 18:43

Andrew Lyle

If you are currently receiving this error message back from eBay while trying to post your t-shirts, try one of the following to bypass the issue:

1) Reduce your quantity
Visit your Ebay Settings on Tshirtgang (top right menu under Account Settings) and reduce your quantity. New sellers will have restrictions of 10 available items. This includes variations. Example, if you post a shirt with 5 sizes listed, you will have used 5 out of your 10 available items.
Once sellers have a record of selling, this limit will be raised.
New sellers are encouraged to use the eBay Basic when setting up their accounts. If you haven't already, set your quantity to zero (0) and set a base price.

2) Check your title and description for inappropriate words.
If your title and description for inappropriate words. You can also try posting another item (that doesn't contain inappropriate language) to see if that works.

3) You are currently restricted
Most sellers will know if they have been restricted through eBay. eBay may suspend or ban accounts that fall below their policy guidelines. Give eBay a call to help resolve the issue, or use a different eBay account.

4) Sellers account hasn't been activated
Brand new eBay users, or even existing buyers on eBay who are now trying to sell, must first activate their eBay sellers account. Simply login to eBay and navigate to the top menu item that says "Sell". Follow the prompts to get your account setup. Once you have activated your account, try listing an item.

If you have any other tips on how to bypass error 240, please leave a comment below!

Hope this guide helps.

Happy shopping!

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