How do you list certain sizes only?

30/01/2013 06:27

Mathew Stoeber

Im trying to post some shirts on ebay, but just starting out, they have me capped at 10 sales a month. There are 11 size variations set under pricing, so even set at 1 variation each, thats over my limit.

If I try and leave the pricing blank for rarely ordered sizes (5-XL or X-Small for example), I get this error :
eBay returned the following error(s):
37 : Input data is invalid.
Input data for tag <Item.Variations.Variation[1].StartPrice> is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

If I try and input $0.00 for the pricing, ebay returns the error the price has to be $0.99 or higher.

The only option is clicking the product, then choosing "list on ebay", but you receive no other options. Is there no way to simply check a box or something?
30/01/2013 11:53

Andrew Lyle

HI Mathew,

it sounds like you're a new seller on eBay and restricted to 10 listings. and yes, this does mean 1 shirt can contain 10 variations, meaning all of your listings are taken up.

So we've made it easy.

Set your quantity to zero, and you'll see a new price field open up where the normal price fields are. This will be your one-set price for your shirt. An example would be "19.99".

If you don't wish to list just without variations you can eliminate some of the possible sizes by changing the price with "NA".

You can remove some of the unpopular sizes like Youth sizes (if that's not your target market) with "NA" in the price field and this will reduce your listing amount.

I would also recommend removing some of the larger sizes, as these are not as popular (3XL - 6XL).

Small - 2XL would be a good market to target for standard mens shirts.

Hope this helps!

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30/01/2013 15:04

Mathew Stoeber

I should of thought of that, I saw NA in some of the ringer sizes, it just didnt click. Now to get my ebay account fixed and start selling!


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