Problem posting to your website?

16/01/2013 15:32

Andrew Lyle

We have noticed a few website owners are having troubles posting to their stores. We're currently looking into the matter and plan to have this issue fixed in the coming days.

This problem is only affecting less than 10% of all website owners.

If you happen to notice that your items are not posting to your website, try again in a few hours to see if this resolves your problem.
Ultimately, you can download your product image and copy all of the information manually to your store by following these steps:

Login to your admin panel (link can be found under > My Products > My Website)
Hover over the "Admin" link and click "Add Product"

Fill in all of the required details, including your Product ID, Title, Category and select your image you wish to upload.

This will only be a temporary measure as we fix this issue.

Thanks for your attention and patience.


Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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