Hello..Marry Christmas To All TSG Member...!

25/12/2012 21:25

Tee Hood

It seems that all the members of TSG ware busy with their preparation for Christmas, and I think most of us were enjoying the holidays with our family in this Christmas day. That's why I have not seen anyone say "Merry Christmas" here.

So as a member i wanna say " Merry Christmas" to all TSG member .....!

For all of you (especially for Jim-Administrator, Andrew-Web develover , and Darly-product master)

Hopefully TSG will always growing, and improving their service quality.

just my advice, I hope later TSG can improve their handling & shipping quality . So there is no more error in S&H.

Honestly, at this Christmas my sales profit increased 100%, ...thank god!. And As a beginner in this business , i was very helpful for the kindness of Jim (Administaror from TSG) which always gives me a solution to all of my problem.

Finally, thanks to all members of the TSG, and....

Marry Christmas.....!

May god bless us all ....
26/12/2012 02:32

Andrew Lyle

Merry Christmas to you and everyone on here!

Thank you for the kind words!

In order to see our weaknesses to make improvements, we needed to experience them. Year over year we are improving our processes, online presence, and even our services to our end customers and resellers.

We have a list of items well be looking to improve and create in the new year, and with all improvements that help our resellers like yourself, we'll always keep you in the loop as we are ready to make announcements!

Thank you and everyone else for your continued support, feedback and comments! It's what helps us grow as a service and as a community. 2013 is very promising for all of us! And we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


Developer / Project Manager
Support Ticket
Twitter: @phpandrew

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