Tracking Numbers for all U.S. orders

16/04/2012 19:37

Andrew Lyle

Tshirtgang will begin rolling out tracking numbers for all United States orders starting this week.

If you are currently using the eBay Retrieve feature and the automated feedback option, these tracking numbers will automatically become in-sync with your eBay account orders.

Once orders are processed sellers will be able to monitor the progress of each United States order by navigating to the Order History tab and selecting their customers order. Orders containing a tracking number will have a tracking number icon located beside the order number.

Happy Shopping!

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24/04/2012 21:40

Dean Joe

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Hi Andrew:

I saw some internation shipping also with the tracking number, It is cool

26/04/2012 23:23


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That will make such a big difference. Awesome
06/09/2012 23:02


When I received email shipped notification then I check Order History but tracking number is not show yet.
Would you please just send email notification on shipped item when the tracking number really provided in Order History and in email?
So, I don't check, wait and recheck again my Order History page just for tracking number.


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