Ebay orders importing with incorrect pricing

30/09/2013 14:32

Mike Boomhour

When I pulled in my ebay orders, they showed as $12 per shirt + HST and Delivery. The price should be $7.
I cancelled the order and entered it in manually and got the correct $7 price (+HST and Delivery).

Is this a bug in the system? Is there a higher price for using the pull order from ebay feature?
30/09/2013 14:40

Andrew Lyle

Hi Mike,

Looking at the logs, your items came in with an incorrect price because the item doesn't include a size. Since you are using the eBay basic, no size is listed, and thus you will need to communicate through description, title or messages for the correct size.

Since our system doesn't read these behind the scenes communications, we default the size to 'Fix', which i'm sure you seen in your Shopping Cart when you pulled your order in. Since we can't base an accurate price on 'Fix', we default the price to the highest price.

Clicking on 'Fix' or editing the order will let you enter the correct size, which will give you the correct price once you save.

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30/09/2013 14:45

Mike Boomhour

Ok Great, thank you for your quick response.

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